“Improvement, transformation and innovation.”

Results through know-how, commitment and attention.

“Organizing skills, talent management, skills and ownership.”

Efficient teams create predicted results.

Digital Transformation

Every innovation is part of your digital transformation. Media, omnichannel approach, technology. We at CT-Interim all have an Nyenrode Business University background, and over 10 years experience in the field of digital transformation, business value and organizational change.

Human Capital

Ambition, skills and planning. You motivated human capital working from its inner strength. A balance between content and soft skills as a key to succes.

New Business Models

Innovation of products and services. Benefits modelling as a mirror to your business transformation. Develop, challenge and execute business scenarios.

Project and Program Management

Improve, change, innovate! let's develop execution power together. We'll get the job done: agile, transparent, while you're in control.

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Digital Transformation

An on-line bank became a digital player. We assisted a medium-sized international full-service bank towards digital transformation. From project-based development and stepwise improvement towards multi-disciplinary teams improving continuously. From steering comittee oriented governance towards Product Owners taking the lead in development and content.

Financial services outsource

Let's keep cash services reachable, affordable and safe. With this slogan we supported the outsource of cash services at a large Dutch bank. We moved from doing and checking ourselves towards having the services carried out by trusted financial businesspartners.

Business Process Redesign in a local government

Digital transformation in a major local government. Design, development and implementation of innovative business processes, in sync with matching organizational change. We followed a time and moneyboxed path to desired output and outcome. After two years we reached a stabile new situation, including a method for continuous improvement.

Coaching, transformation and migration of 2 partners in a financial merger.

A mainly locally operating bank with 260.000 customers merged with a much larger, international co-operative bank. We supervised the operational aspects of the merger, transferring both cliënts and assets. We managed the business activities of all branches up to the automated data migration.

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A swift change requires a clear view towards organizations, business modelling and results. We are trained by Nyenrode Business University.

Digital Transformation

Interim leadership requires robust management. Know-how and management by example are of the essence.

Interim and Program Management

Development of human capital is the key to success. One should know the strengths and weaknesses of oneself and of one's team.

Coaching and Guidance

CT Interim

Johan Kremer

Godfried Damm

Pieter Sturrus